WiR Members... vote for your committee

Vote for up to four candidates for the 2015 Women in Racing committee. The deadline for voting is 6pm on May 29.

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The world of Park House Stables

Guests enjoyed a behind the scenes tour of Andrew Balding's Kingsclere base recently... a fascinating experience.

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Summit success

Leading figures from sport provided their insight on improving gender balance in horseracing and sport at the Grand Women's Summit.

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Summit delegates treated to Grand National coursewalk

Katie Walsh and retired Grand National jockeys Carrie Ford and Richard Pitman lead a keen group of walkers around the iconic fences.


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A new Bursary award

Women in Racing presents another award.

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Mentor Programme

WiR manages a programme to provide guidance and support to members.

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About Women in Racing (WiR)

The objectives of Women in Racing look to enhance mentoring and development opportunities, develop cross-industry working groups and the chance to network in order to share knowledge and best practice. This initiative is independent of the BHA, Great British Racing or any body in horse racing.

Established in September 2009, the vision is to reach women across the industry to raise their profile and, with that visibility, encourage more women to be appointed into senior roles. With such role models, it is hoped that more women will come into horse racing and enrich the sport accordingly.

Mission statement

"Women in Racing is created to develop the profile of women in the sport: To encourage senior appointments at Board level across the industry and to attract more women into Racing, to strengthen connections and collaborate on approaches to help promote the health of the sport and to enhance its reputation as an attractive sector in which to build a career."


  1. Provide women in racing with mentoring and development opportunities
  2. Create a framework where new opportunities can be discussed and nurtured
  3. Combine knowledge and best practice
  4. Foster links with like-minded individuals
  5. Create a culture that promotes Women in Racing and encourages appointment of senior women at the highest levels in racing
  6. Raise comfort level for women in traditionally male-dominated venues and working environments
  7. Develop commercial opportunities for suitable brands to become more involved in racing
  8. Involve women in the Great British Racing Committees, selecting the best qualified for the roles with a longer term view of appointments to the leadership positions
  9. Gain visibility in policy and politics circles
  10. Promote WiR as a resource to tap into for local business circles, local PR opportunities