Clare BethellInsurance

Clare Bethell – Insurance  Clare is the daughter of the racehorse trainer, James Bethell.  She realised early in her career that to have skills outside the racing industry was going to be hugely beneficial so on leaving University Clare trained as a chartered accountant with PwC.

This was invaluable experience working with PwC both in London and in Sydney.  In Australia she took the brave decision to switch careers and become a recruitment consultant.  The skills you learn in recruitment are far reaching particularly when it comes to business development and working with a whole range of clients and candidates from right around the world.  Clare was given the opportunity to set up her own recruitment business in 2008.  The trials and tribulations of starting your own company during a global financial crisis was undoubtedly challenging but hugely enriching and Clare would credit where she is today from the experience she gained.  Clare went on to join HFG, a specialist insurance recruitment firm in the City, opening their first offices in Asia and contributing significantly to their growth internationally.  In 2014, she left her role as a Director of the company to get back into racing where she always intended to be in.

Joining Weatherbys Hamilton, the insurance broking arm of Weatherbys has been hugely rewarding and despite taking exams again to be in a professional role in the industry she loves.   As a mentor, Clare can support you with juggling studies with your professional career, launching your own business both in the UK and overseas, changing careers as well as valuable advice when it comes to recruiting or being recruited.  Clare has received training in Life Coaching and is an advocate of mentoring men and women to set and achieve their career goals.