Zoe ElliotMarketing/Working Mum’s

Zoe is the Head of Careers Marketing and Recruitment at the British Horseracing Authority and is currently leading the Careers Marketing Strategy for British Horseracing via the careersinracing.com brand and marketing campaign.  She is also sits on the board of the Pony Racing Authority and the development board for HighGround, a charity that supports the ex-military into rural job roles.

Zoe has over twenty year’s experience as a sales and marketing professional, working for a variety of governing bodies, trade associations, charities and commercial organisations handling a wide range of marketing projects.  Her career has been focussed within horseracing but has also included setting up her own marketing agency in Soho – an experience she will never forget – if not for the location but for the fun/fear of being an entrepreneur for a short space of time.

She graduated in 1996 with an Equine Business and Marketing Degree, and subsequently went on to gain a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing.  Growing up in Cheltenham and seeing the size and professional level of the sport drew her to racing away from the other equestrian disciplines and it is a move she has never regretted, even though she continues to have a passion for all equestrian sports.

Zoe returned to work when her first baby was just 12 weeks old - partly from a fear of leaving the work place for too long, and the effect that might have on her career – but also because she enjoys her role and felt she could be a better mum by finding balance.  She is a strong advocate for flexible working for both men and women.

Zoe felt that it would be beneficial for WiR to provide some support for new mums returning to the workplace.  Zoe feels that you should always present yourself at work totally professionally and try to prevent any ‘mummy chaos’ entering the working environment – but also knows that there are times you might need some support from other professional working mothers where you can talk about how to do that and the many other insecurities and guilt that can creep in on return to work!  If you are a new working mum that needs some help looking like a swan when you are paddling like a duck.