Women in Sport launch Beyond 30% Workplace Culture in Sport report

Women in Sport launch Beyond 30% Workplace Culture in Sport report

Tallulah Lewis | June 22, 2018 | In the News

Leading UK charity Women in Sport has released 'Beyond 30% - Workplace Culture in Sport', which delves under the surface of the workplace in sport and reveals a serious gender discrimination problem in the sector. 

The report presents new findings and conclusions about workplace culture in sports organisations in the UK, such as National Governing Bodies, leisure organisations, Country Sport Partnerships, commercial sports clubs and agencies and sports charities. The report does not include athletes, volunteers or coaches.

A survey of 1152 women and men working in sport, plus 42 in-depth interviews, carried out between September 2017 and March 2018, revealed that some women working in sport feel less values, actively experience gender discrimination, believe they are paid less for doing the same role as men, face more challenges to progress and feel unfairly judged. 

By asking the questions; "Is workplace culture impeding women's progression?" and "What can be done to ensure that sports organisations have a culture in which both women and men thrive?" Women in Sport is unearthing truths about the experience of women who work in sport. The Charity's ultimate aim is for the number of women leading and influencing within sport to grow and for the sport sector to reap the undoubtable benefits of a gender diverse workforce. 

Read the full report here. 

Women in Racing believes many of the findings of this report would be relevant to horseracing, as would the suggested recommendations for implementation by organisations throughout sport. It's worth a read!